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Free Drum Sound Kits

Free Drum Sounds !
Description and instructions.

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  1. ivan phraes greene says

    your drum kits are good…
    am working with them on some new ish.
    i will def link you an mp3 when am done.

  2. Cameron says

    I received the sounds and their great thank you.

  3. johnney says

    i really like the classic snare man ! thx alot

  4. wancha bees :P says

    thx for the free samples, they are pretty good man

    for those interested : they put some effect on it … sound great and can give you idea to perfect your sound, i’m sure their library is awesome


  5. Oleg says

    Thank you,
    a nice dirty Hip Hop drums

  6. thomas says

    thanks for yhe kit,but i feel like alot of the drums are da same as many other kits,but i guess it’s better to have and not need than need and not have thomas

  7. gnxmusic says

    Thanks for checking out the sounds and leaving us some feedback. The free drum kit is only a sample. The Drums on the Step Ya Game Up Vol. 1 and 2 are alot deeper then the demo kits. The kits are also number one right now in the Payloadz Soundbank category and we have gotten lots of good feedback from all of our customers around the world. Thanks again. Stay up.

  8. Patrone says

    yeah they work just fine

  9. dj Mixxin Mel says

    Yeah like the soundz just loaded them in my Kong inside reason and adding effects!!! thanks a lot will be ordering some kits from ya soon.

  10. damion says

    i got the drum kit

  11. Bete Bawks says

    The sounds are pretty hot!! I haven’t made a mix yet, but I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to it. I’ll let you know how it goes!! Thanks for the free sample!!

  12. MR. RIOT says

    yo these mother f!!!!!!!!!!!ing bang hard. Soon as i drop them in my mpc i notice tha sound
    quality comepared to tha other companies. So i bought vol. 1and2 so i can keep on banging
    out blazing azz beats . thx my man!!!!!!!! KEEP IT BANGING MR.RIOT THA BEAST

  13. gnxmusic says

    Thanks every one for checking out the sounds. I would love to hear some tracks you made with them. You can email mp3s to: gnxmusic AT or post up a link.

  14. Salla says

    Thanks you for the drum kit. Sounds perfect.
    The problem is i don’t how to import those sounds in Logic pro.
    Can somebody help me out please.



    From Paris.

  15. Leyden says

    Very nice drums man! Thanks for sharing

  16. Toe Jam says

    Thank you so much for these nice sounds… they are going to add to the arsenal for that earthquake… I appreceate it… will be back with you after I get out the DOJO.. and shoot u sum trax

  17. gnxmusic says

    No problem. Hit us up on Soundcloud or something. We would logo hear the beats you are making with them. Send few tracks Id love to be able to give you some feedback.

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